Picture Yourself at the Peak

The spectacular, panoramic mountain views from The Peaks Atop Mount Will include the eight peaks of Sunday River Resort and almost all 13 peaks of the Mahoosuc Mountain Range and Grafton Notch State Park. The location and views of The Peaks are truly unique in the Sunday River and Newry area and will never be available again.

Check out this video of 180° of views from The Peaks - the southern exposure and broad mountainside of Mount Will allow for incredible views from every lot!

There are great views from every home site. Specifically, your views may include:


  • White Cap Mountain
  • Locke Mountain
  • Barker Mountain
  • Spruce Peak
  • Aurora Peak
  • North Peak
  • Oz Peak
  • Jordan Bowl Peak


  • Jakes Notch 2988�
  • Mount Carlo 3565�
  • Goose Eye Mountain 3870�
  • North Peak of Mahoosucs 3675�
  • Slide Mountain 3250�
  • Sargent Mountain 2364�
  • South Peak of Mahoosucs 3395�
  • Fulling Mill Mountain 3450�
  • Old Speck Mountain 4170�